Collector's Guide to the three phases of Titania - Rutile Anatase Brookite
Robert J. Lauf
Schiffer Publishing Ltd. (2009)
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Mineralogy, Titanium Dioxide
Paperback 9780764332685
The mineral Titania is found in large, well-formed crystals at localities around the world. Over 100 color photos display three of the common titanium dioxide minerals: rutile, anatase, and brookite, along with a variety of interesting mineralogical phenomena. These are specimens the average collector will be able to obtain and study. The text is informative and thorough, listing the classic localities and describing both their fascinating diversity, including such phenomena as oriented growth, twinning, and pseudomorphism. The book also provides a solid explanation of the structures of rutile, anatase, and brookite and their phase relations. Their formation and geochemistry is described along with the environments in which the minerals were formed. For anyone fascinated by engaging minerals, this book will be a treasured source of useful information.
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