Gems of the World
Cally Oldershaw
Firefly Books (2009)
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Paperback 9781554075393
"A wonderful reference guide to the field of gemology.... Comprehensive [and] lavishly illustrated." -- BooklistThis is a practical, comprehensive guide to the identification and use of precious and semiprecious gems, novelty stones, agates and crystals. Presenting information on the gemstone industry, with an extensive section on ethical mining, conflict diamonds and the emergence of new diamond centers, Gems of the World is a completely up-to-date reference.Oldershaw clearly explains the geology, chemistry, properties and key aspects of gemstones. The book includes descriptions of a wide range of gems, each profiled with a color photograph showing its raw crystal, common cuts and polished state for use in jewelry. At-a-glance charts identify refractive index, crystal group, luster, hardness and cleavage.In addition to handsome illustrations of priceless jewelry, the book provides practical information on:Fashioning and cutting Collecting, handling and storing Weighing and measuring Lapidary and jewelry-making Choosing a gemstone, including buying abroad Caring for and cleaning gemstones and jewelry Spotting a fake Finding the best museums and retail outlets around the world.With its detailed descriptions, abundant illustrations and expert commentary on current developments, Gems of the World is an ideal reference for gemologists, collectors, investors and general readers.
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