Gems and Gemmology in Pakistan
Tahseenullah Khan; Allah Bakhsh Kausar
Geological Survey of Pakistan (2010)
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Gemstones, Pakistan
Dr. Tahseenullah Khan and Dr. Allah Bakhsh Kausar, former researchers of Geolabs have brought out a GSP’s special publication on Gems
and Gemmology in Pakistan. The publication is the outcome of frequent and intensive geological field work undertaken in the gem bearing areas
of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and Northern Areas of the country. The authors have worked effectively to compile existing data and information about
precious and semi precious stones of Pakistan and evaluated the prospects of undiscovered deposits of gemstone resources. The book is useful in
providing information to the geologists and non geologists working in the gemstone sector with the aim of promoting sustainable economic
development of the country. Such results may be used as a foundation for further work on areas of mineral resource potential and in building country’s
natural resource sector. It is hoped that the book will be appreciated by the non-geologists and the gem collectors and lovers of precious stones.
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