Contributions to Gemology No.10 - Distinguishing natural Tibetan copper-bearing andesine from its diffusion-treated counterparts using advanced analytical methods
Adolf Peretti; Igor Villa; Willy Peter Bieri; Kathrin Hametner; Ladina Dorta; Gisela Fontaine; Mario Meier; Detlef Günther
Gemresearch Swisslab AG (2011)
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Gemology, Synthetics/Treatments, Andesine, Feldspar, Tibet
Hardcover 9783952386705
Distinguishing Natural Tibetan Copper-bearing Andesine from its Diffusion-treated Counterparts using Advanced Analytical Methods
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Series Contributions to Gemology
Issue No. 10
No. of Pages 105
Height x Width 307 x 215  mm
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