Antero Aquamarines - Minerals from the Mount Antero - White Mountain region, Chaffee County, Colorado
Mark I. Jacobson
L.R. Ream Publishing (1993)
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Beryl, USA
Paperback 9780928693072
Mount Antero has long been known to collectors as the best American locality for gemstone aquamarine, phenakite and bertrandite. Some of the finest smoky quartz crystals in Colorado have been found in this area. The aquamarines are found above treeline in the alpine tundra of Colorados famed Collegiate Range. These mountains have attracted mineral collectors, gem cutters, backpackers, mountain climbers and adventurers for years. The lure of brilliant blue beryls from Mount Antero eventually led to Colorado naming aquamarine as the official state gemstone. Relatively few collectors outside of Colorado are aware of the mineral discoveries that have been made on Mount Antero or have ever seen specimens or photographs of the incredible mineral richness of this region. Mark Jacobson presents a vivid account of the discoveries of these gems and the exploits of many dedicated individuals spanning a 100 year history.
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