Gemstones of Western Australia - Mineral Resources Bulletin 25
John Michael Fetherston; Susan M. Stocklmayer; Vernon C. Stocklmayer
Geological Survey of Western Australia and Gemmological Association of Australia (Western Australian Division) (2013)
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Australia, Gemstones
e-Book 9781741684490
Since the discovery of diamonds in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, the mining and processing of
these precious gems has developed into one of the State’s major industries. Less well known is that Western
Australia contains a plethora of other gemstones, decorative stones and ornamental stone used for sculptural
purposes. This Bulletin systematically organizes and discusses the history and quality of virtually all known
occurrences of these, together with chapters on precious metals and pearls. An extensive appendix lists precise
geographical sites, where possible, for all material mentioned, and references to earlier work and discoveries
are numerous.
Additional information addresses the science of gemmology, current lapidary technology, and historical
aspects of gemstones and their use in jewellery and ornamental objects from Paleolithic times. The history of
mining for gemstones in Western Australia is discussed, as are legislative aspects of the Mining Act (1978), the
obtaining of a Miner’s Right, and associated obligations. Notes on safety and survival in the bush complete this
comprehensive work.
Although Mineral Resources Bulletin 25 is published by the Geological Survey of Western Australia, it is a
collaborative enterprise between this organization and the Gemmological Association of Australia, and the
richly illustrated text caters not only for geologists and professional gemmologists, but also for experienced
fossickers and amateur rockhounds.
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