7th InternationalCongress of the Spanish Association of Semiotics

Zaragoza (Spain)

November 4 to 9, 1996

Deadline for Title and Abstract:
October 1st, 1996

Religious beliefs, literature, cinema and the arts in general, all what is appropriated by society, can support the 'langage' of myth. The congress will form a meeting point for remarkable scholars who will focus on the term myth from various, very different perspectives. In view of the fact that cinema is the main producer of myths in contemporary society, the congress will arrange a special section dedicated to the subject "myth and cinema".

Disciplinary range:
Literature, theory of literature, audio-visual communication, journalism, publicity, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, psychology, history, arts, history of the arts, theory of art, theory of cinema, political sciences, humanities, pedagogics.

Languages of the conference are: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese. Plenary sessions and debates will be translated by simultainous translators.


Secretaria del Congreso "Mitos"
Teoria de la Literatura
Depto. de Linguistica General e Hispanica
Facultad de Filofosfia y Letras
C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12
50009-Zaragoza (Spain)

Fax: +34-76-761 541

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