Internet Publications

  • Matter, Mind and Spirit(s), Local Institution and Traditional Philosophy of the Japanese Agrarian Village - Structural Ergology and the Japanese Cult of the Village Deity (ujigami) (E); click here => [part 1 + 2],[part 1] / [part 2]
  • O. F. Bollnows Anthropologisches Konzept des Raums (G)
  • Bekleidung, Inkrustation und Stoffwechsel der Form im Werk Gottfried Sempers (G)
  • Architectural Anthropology: Why do we need a general Framework? (E)
  • [new print]
  • The Master of the Wilderness, the Bear, lives in the Upper Part of our Home (E)
  • Architecture, Movement, Mind (original), [new print] (E)

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